20 reasons why OFWs love being TAGged

TAG 91.1 celebrates its 3rd anniversary today.

The first Filipino radio station in the UAE began their journey with only 4 RJs on board - Kabayan Bluebird, Louie Da Costa, Chikay and Maria Maldita. Bob Kebab joined the gang several months later and Chico Loco just few months back.
Since then, our FM radio experience has changed dramatically (and comically).  We were not just reconnected to Philippine music, we also found a company on our drive, our bus and metro ride and even at home or at work.

Here are 20 random reasons why being TAGged is worth celebrating:

1. Bluebird and Louie's Gandang U-maga show keeps everyone upbeat in the morning drive to work. The tandem also gives back to the community through their Bluie's Blowout and recently the Bluie's Choice awards. And oh, Louise Da Costa speaks cute Tagalog and we're loving it.

2. Bob Kebab gives us a wacky company til the wee hours of the night - Ingat lang sa gatong!

3. Chikay solves those puzzling blind items, shares some lunch recipes and updates us about the latest gadgets. Attagirl!

4. Chico Loco joins Maria Maldita in Uwian Na making it a more fun drive home; And it's riot when "Lola K" joins the fray to tell us those witty 'alamat' stories.

5.  Filipino concerts and sporting event pre-shows have never been so lively with the cool RJs setting up the mood.

The RJs foing the preshow at Eraseheads first Reunion Concert in Dubai
 6. TAG presenters could be the only group in history to host 2 Eraserheads reunion concerts, and that's in a span of just 8 months.

Eraserheads second reunion concert in Dubai
7.  We can relate to all the funny Pinoy Nga Talaga skits - "Sige na, kabayan naman eh..."

8. DJ for a Day Saturdays gives wanna-be radio presenters a chance to co-host Pinoy Songhits with the ever amusing Maria Maldita.

9. They are always present at many fund raising campaigns to aid calamity victims in the Philippines

TAG and Ateneo LSE team at Hakbang Buhay Fund Raising Walkathon
10. The news that matters to OFWs delivered very well by the spirited roster of news presenters Milanie Regalado, Rachel Salinel and Zeena Zalamea, and Rouie's Kwentong BizShow.

11. Louie and Bluebird along with news presenters Zeena and Rachel were named to 100 Most Influential Filipinos in the Gulf. Louie also wins Female Personality of the Year at Ahlan Awards; and other RJs are consistent nominees.

12. "Okay Lang" public advisories remind us to be more proactive.

13. Hot Pandesong gives us the latest hits in the Philippine music.

14. Pinoy Bulletin keeps us informed of more group events happening in the community across the UAE.

15. Bati Time - we all love 'Batian portions' don't we?

16. Maria Maldita reborn as The Blending Diva. Just tune in before 9pm everyday in case you don't know why.

17.  Chikay played a basketball exhibition with Kobe Bryant & Soulja Boy among other celebrities in sports and entertainment.

Chikay sharing light moments with The Black Mamba
Chikay, Soulja Boy and Kobe Bryant
18. Bandang Hapon and Kantambayan shows (on Saturdays) become open mic segments as Louie, Chikay and Bob feature UAE-based Filipino talents and bands live on air.

20. They bring the Christmas spirit closer to the Filipinos during the Yuletide.

Indeed, TAG has quickly become the center of Philippine entertainment in the UAE.

Happy 3 years!

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