Al Qudra, a lake in the middle of the desert

We discovered a lake in the middle of the desert, and later learned that it is one man-made jewel. Oh well, what's new?

We found this spot about 30 kilometers west of Dubai Studio City via Al Qudra street, in the middle of the Seih Al Salam desert and Bab Al Shams.

Al Qudra Lake, created by the government civic body to enrich this part of the desert, is the only lake open to the public for bird watching. Unfortunately, we did not chanced on any birds but only few ducks - or maybe we were at a wrong spot and wrong time (3pm).

I bet not too many know about the place already. But when people see how beautiful it is, how calm and clean and relaxing it is there, the next camping activities would most likely be planned here. 

We've seen too many fishes from the clear water, but I didn't see anyone fishing. There are no billboards of policies and regulations (at least on our spot) which we normally see in many parks.

How to get there?
Don't expect to find road signs that lead to the lake - there's none.  But you may find signs that lead to Dubai Cycling Course if you take Al Qudra Street going to West.The lake is just within the cycling track area.

From Sheikh Zayed Road / Umm Suquiem, we took about 20 minutes on 100kph, guided by Waze.

The area is also accessible for non-4WD vehicles as it is just few hundred meters from the road.

According to wildlife and zoo management study, there are some 130 bird species already spotted on the lake, most of which are migratory. Some of the birds species that can be seen include the Glossy Ibis, Caspian Plover, Sanderling, Ruddy Turnstone, Gull-billed Tern that prefer coastal areas. Mainland and migratory birds include the Eurasian wryneck, Rosy Starling, Common Starling, shrikes, Wheatears, eagles and falcons, among others.

I searched for posts in Instagram to see what we missed and boy, these photos just make me want to come back this coming weekend.

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Next weekend? Gusto mo bang sumama?

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