True Faith and Cueshe Live in Dubai for a Band-erful Christmas

True Faith and Cueshe will perform back to back in Dubai on 4th December at Al Nasr Leisureland pool side for a "Band-erful Christmas".

True Faith, formed in the early 90s, has become one of the most accomplished and most popular bands in the country. Their music is best described as a blend of jazz, folk and pop rock and s lil bit of acoustic.  They've produced hits that really 'hit' the hearts of listeners through their musical geniuses in incorporating their crafts with feel-good tunes, emotional recall and real life stories in simple yet powerful renditions. 

We all had good mornings listening to "Sumasarap ang Gising."

We were motivated to find our perfect partner with, well, "Perfect."

They knew what we're going through during our courtship days with "Huwag Na Lang Kaya." And while we can't just move on, they guessed we need more push as what the song, "Kung OK Lang Sa'yo" says so.

"Dahil Ikaw" and "Sayang ang Lahat" brilliantly summarize the joys and pains of loving.

And since it is Christmas, they might as well perform "Pamasko" - their Christmas song contribution to the 1997 Pasko Para sa Lahat: All-Star Christmas album.

True Faith is the real deal for every Filipino romantic.
True Faith
Cuesh√©, also a multi-awarded Cebu-based pop rock band was formed in mid-2000s during the time when OPM bands are making a 'comeback'. They were among the few bands who re-introduced original Pilipino music at that time.  Their first single, Stay, stayed a long time not only on the hit charts, but also in the hearts and minds of music fans. They released hit after hit songs like "Sorry", "Ulan" and "Borrowed Time", which was the popular exit song on Pinoy Idol. Their songs often become LSS (last song syndrome) of many.

The band also made a contribution to the Eraserheads tribute album, Ultraelectromagneticjam: The Music Of The Eraserheads, on which they sung their own rendition of "Hard To Believe."

Today's Cueshe is minus Jay Justiniano - the other half of the duo vocalist, who left the band in 2014 for personal reasons. Two other original members have also parted ways.

A Band-erful Christmas in Dubai
It will be a 3 in 1 event with a Filipino bazaar, pool party with DJ Martin Porta from Manila playing music hits from the 80's and 90's and the finale will be the back to back concert of the True Faith and Cueshe.

You can buy tickets online at Platinum List or follow the event page on Facebook to see more ticket outlets and for more updates.


* Top photo from Kathy Belen - grabbed from Medwin Marfil's Facebook.

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