When in Dubai: Things you should NOT post on social media

To maintain a good social media life, here are 15 things we should not post and share in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, SnapChat and WhatsApp among others:

1. Vulgar photos of drinking alcohol
2. Pun and jokes about the morals and principles of Islam
3. Serious threats to other people
4. Gossips / false information about the country
5. Hate messages
6. Pornography, especially those that drag the country's reputation
7. Photos and videos with other people in it without their consent
8. Unsolicited tagged photos, videos and status messages
9. Private info of somebody else possibly from wiretapped telecommunication or online activities
10. Copyrighted materials of others without proper consent
11. Violence against ladies, especially mothers
12. Photos and videos of road accidents and road rages
13. Swearing or insulting others
14. Info about 'illegal' betting
15. Wrong info about government processes

As per Federal Decree-Law No. 5 of 2012, penalties could range from months to years of imprisonment and deportation, and fines ranging from 5,00 to 500,000 dirhams.

Bottom line, respect and do not show off.


* Photo sourced from Google image search.

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