Random reasons why OFWs can relate to #AlDub

We, OFWs have all the reasons to find our stories in the phenomenal AlDub hit. We naturally live in split screen relationships.  Having our loved ones back home, video chats keep the strings attached.

Many of us see ourselves in Yaya Dub who, despite Lola Nidora's restrictions, always find ways to connect with her love, but remains obedient and respectful. We are also optimistic that the day will come to meet (again).  At the right time, sa tamang panahon, we religiously believe we'll never be ocean's apart again.

Like the witty and cheerful atmosphere at Kalyeserye, sense of humor never fail to keep long distance relationships alive.

The illustrious characters of Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards exemplify every OFW's strengths and weaknesses.  We are resilient, we are patient, and we laugh even at the most difficult times. It's a gallant sacrifice to be away from family. That's how we wrote the script. But it's melancholy every time we end a phone call or a video chat - it's unscripted. Every nurse, engineer, service crew, secretary, architect and yes nanny who are separated from their loved ones since "panahon pa ni kopong-kopong" can testify to that.

So we switch to our respite... music. In this kalye called abroad, we find ourselves listening more intimately to our favorite OPM hits.  Because the geographical separation is just too much to handle, we reminisce and daydream. Life here is a musicale. Sometimes we dance, sometimes we belt out.  Blame it to homesickness.

But at least, we hear our relatives sing "God gave me you" every remittance day anyway.

We laugh. We cry. We're crazy bunch of emotional weirdos. There's always a Jose, a Wally and a Paolo in every room.  We get depressed but we look up to how these funny men battle and rose from being down once in their lives.  Now, the three, especially Wally has validated himself as an honest source of real life wisdom.

Many young OFWs here have stories of endearment about their grandparents. Filipinos are known to have close ties with their lolos and lolas. Every word they say remains engraved in our hearts. How can we not relate to Lola Nidora's advices such as this one, which fits OFWs situation very well...

“Ang tunay na pag-ibig, kahit hindi kayo magkapiling, nararamdaman. Ang tunay na pag-ibig, kahit hindi nagkikita, pinapahalagahan at iniisip ang isa’t-isa! Iniisip ang kabutihan! At hinihintay ang tamang panahon.”

And just as how the world wonders how #AlDub brings joy to the Filipinos, other nationalities also admire how our community groups are consistently finding reasons to unite and have fun. We celebrate everything - monthsary, weeksary, meetups.  We count how long we've been away. We mark every first.

Bashers? Yes we do have them too. There will always be people who feel insecure about someone's success. They who would throw bricks at you instead of celebrating your achievements.  Life goes on for OFWs until the "pundits" shut up.

Photo from Rappler
That "Tamang Panahon" concert was a sort of balikbayan homecoming. Nothing but excitement filled every single day from the time fans got their tickets as they count the days leading to the big one. The same countdown when our relatives look forward to the day the whole barangay will welcome us at the airport.

Last Saturday, the country came to the Philippine Arena and were all more than pleased and happy about the "pasalubong" they all got. But what's more worthy for them is seeing AlDub in person, just as the family seeing their long missed member back again.

AlDub reminds Filipinos all over the world that we are indeed one of the happiest people on earth. This surreal phenomenon has somehow bridged the gaps that separate us from the Philippines.

And to those who still deny the positive impact of AlDub to the society, just let your guard down for once. It doesn't harm to be happy.

At the end of the day, Yaya Dub, Alden and the lolas have one similiar goal similar to that of every OFW... to make people happy... and aim for a fairy tale ending, together.

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