10 simple things that ignite positive energy in Dubai

"Everything around us is made up of energy. To attract positive things in your life, start by giving off positive energy and not doing the negative."

For so many years now, and as many years more, Dubai has been sending positive signals to the world, reflected by its fast growth, futuristic thinking and the city's positive impact to the people.

And so it is just right that the people also absorb that positivity and live by it as well.

Let go of the petty things, or popularly known as #FirstWorldProblems that annoys us. Allow love, respect, and care to prevail instead.

But just take these 10 simple pointers by heart and you'll be like a battery that ignites positive energy:

1. Respect everyone's time
Come on or before the agreed time. You don't know what other important things are lined-up to the schedule of the other people in your appointment.  No one's happy seeing their mates late. If you want your time to be valued, do the same.

2. Avoid rumor mills
Rumor is a slow killer of friendship and other relationships. Do not allow yourselves to be an instrument of rumor. This is hard to bear especially at the workplace. Hear the stories of all concerned parties before jumping into conclusions.

3. Observe traffic etiquette by heart 
We are regulated by traffic rules, but no one penalize improper road etiquettes; and road ethics seems optional to some. Please, let's diligently observe them. Use our indicators accordingly, drive at the proper speed, do not be trigger-happy with your beam lights, avoid tailgaiting and do not cut on narrow spaces.

Never bully anyone. No one is the king of the road. There are thousands of precious lives out there that might get ruined should you keep driving recklessly and unattentively. Care and be considerate to your fellow motorists and pedestrians.

4. Block parking with respect
If totally unavoidable, and you are forced to block someone else's parking (because you have no choice), please leave your mobile number on the dashboard. With the lack of parking spaces, this is somehow an accepted act in the society, but please make sure you can be contacted at all times.

5. Do not cut lines
Be patient enough when in lines. Know your place on queues and do not cut anyone. Again, value the time of the people ahead of you. You are not a superstar.

6. Do not leave your mess at food court tables
Especially during busy hours, so the next customers could occupy your table without having the need to wait for the cleaner to do so. Courtesy.

7. Be polite to our servers / customer service agents
If you are served politely, return the favor. Nobody has right to be rude to them, even in instances of ill-mannered servers. No one knows what's going on in their minds or in their lives at that moment. It could happen to us also.

Telephone agents are just given instructions of what and what not to say. It's not their fault if at times, (sorry to say) they're not helpful.

8. Do not litter massage cards
Yeah, you're annoyed at the cards with sultry pictures of women on your windshield, but don't let the enovironment suffer from your annoyance.  Dispose them off properly. We do not want to contribute to litter in the community. After all, a clean environment always attracts positive energy.

9. Don't let the sun go into your head
Be warm at heart but be cool in the head. Some people have the tendencies to quickly loose their tempers during hot days. Keep your cool so you don't transmit negative vibes to others.

10. Smile at all times, its contagious
:-) -=(",)=- :-P ;-) <<<(-:)

These are just spur of the moment thoughts in the last hour. There are definitely more to add to this list.

Let's always charge our mind and hearts with positive energy so we could always keep going on and on and on.

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