Delightful iftar at the royal Dusit Thani Dubai

An elegant convergence of 3 award-winning restaurants in Dusit Thani Dubai has transformed its amply-spaced 24th floor lobby into a festive banquet.

Specialties from Benjarong, PAX Ristorante and The Californian has added flair to a usually traditional Arabic iftar buffet. As we're just making our way up, the thought of having dishes from these 3 restaurants tells me that I'll have Pad Thai, Pasta and (maybe) Yakisoba on my plate.

An inviting ambiance of shiny linens, colorful lamps and the noticeably earthenware glazed pots welcomed us and delicately guided our senses to what seems to be a celebration of dining and tradition. Add the smiles and hospitality of the staff we already had a warm start.

We were guided to sit at The Californian - the perfect spot for a breathtaking view of Burj Khalifa and The Downtown.

We got settled on the table 15 minutes before Maghrib - a prayer after sunset that signals the breaking of the fast.  Most of the guests already took turns on the buffet and prepared their choices on their own table - and so we did the same. We were all just patiently staring at our plates until we hear the Maghrib signal on TV.

The traditional Arabic cuisine on the buffet includes hot and cold mezzeh, variety of dates, dried fruits and nuts, deliciously marinated meats, the very tasty lamb ouzi, and of course, Ramadan orange and rose juices and Kawha (black Arabic coffee).

There's a shawarma stand - which had me one of the best I've tasted in Dubai. Next to it is the live cooking station for pasta selections - where my little girl enjoyed a creamy mac Penne and Cheese.

As expected (read: I'm really craving for it) I indulged so much in Pad Thai.  Since it is served in a clay pot, I had to mix the sauce and noodles very well before taking a serving. Very satisfying. I'm biased, but sorry it's my favorite.

There's a few other Thai curry dishes available as well.

Dusit has one of the vastly spread dessert counters I've been to. Different flavored cakes, tarts, puddings, mousse and tiramisu in shot glasses, creams, and Arabic sweets. Umm, Ali can I have more Umm Ali? I seriously took more time here than in the mains.

There's a whole lot more on the spread. Imagine yourself in a rigodon of savoury delights, that's how the circular setup of buffet feels for me.

Below are more photos from the evening which will tell the story.

Iftars will be running 'til 17th July more or less. 

If you're still searching for a great dining experience, stop here. I highly recommend this feast. For AED 149 per person, your only problem will be, how to make more room in your tummy.

Reservation is recommended, so call +971 (4) 317 4515 or e-mail

(Thank you ate Danelle for the invitation, allowing us to experience a royal iftar of sorts.)

Here are more photos:

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