Centro Sharjah Introduces Sumptuous Iftar

Fellow blogger JiveWithDeepti, hosted us at Centro Sharjah for a pre-tasting of the hotel's iftar offering. Not only that, we had a rare opportunity to prepare 2 of the most popular items in Arabic mezzes - Fatoush and Tabouleh, in a cook-off.

We were divided into 2 groups and given a table each with the necessary ingredients already prepared.  We got insights from the chefs but it's up to us how much of which ingredients to mix up. Thankfully we had great foodies and creative people in the team, we won!

A crowd of cold mezzes welcomed us at the tasting proper. Prawn salads, eggplant, potato, spinach "cake", hummus and moutabal among others were at the table.

Lentil soup which is one of the famous starters on iftar was good and smooth.

The mains came in mouthwatering serving. There's a mixed grill of chicken, beef and lamb kebabs, the saucy Kofta Bil Foren in tomato dressing, roast chicken with oriental rice (which is usually lamb), and fried fish with tahina sauce. All of them leaves a good taste in the mouth seriously, especially the chicken kebabs.

Another thing I like about c.Taste is their wide range of desserts. Having a sweet tooth, I always appreciate the options on the table - they have variety of cake flavors, pudding, tiramisu, Arabic sweets and the traditional Umm Ali.

They have an array of Middle Eastern cuisine for iftar and suhoor including hot and cold mezzes, slow roasted lamb Ouzi in oriental rice, house made Arabic sweets and traditional Ramadan drinks available for AED 109 and AED 75 respectively

There will be lots of fun for diners during this auspicious month too as c.Taste offers meal discounts and contests to win free iftars and weekend holidays to Salalah Rotana Resort in Oman and Art Rotana Hotel and Resort in Bahrain.
"We are altogether committed towards giving our guests an experience that embodies a fine synergy of contemporary and cultural affinity towards the Emirate of Sharjah, the epitome of Arab Tourism.  Ramadan is that time of the year for us to reflect and give back to the society we operate in. This year we shall be hosting Iftar Gatherings for the old people's home and Manzil, the centre for people with special needs."- Michael Kasch, General Manager, Centro Sharjah
Location: Centro is located adjacent to Sharjah International Airport and a good 15 minutes away from the central business districts and city centre of the emirate.

For bookings, call +971 6 508 8000 or email centro.sharjah@rotana.com

Here are more photos from the night:

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