You're the boss with TFC IPTV Video on Demand device | How to win one

It's been 3 years of not having any Filipino channels at home, and here we are using the latest gadget from TFC for almost a month now. We like it. I must say it really is as good as advertised and true to its promise, "Boss ka, dahil may choice ka." It redefines the viewing experience - a level up to what we get from the major service providers in the country.

The IPTV VOD device offers live viewing of TFC as per its UAE schedule and on-demand viewing of 7 other ABS-CBN channels in HD.

As a busy couple, we cannot always catch up with the live programming on TV. Sometimes I have meetings at night so I don't get to watch the day's news. At times we go out and return home late and the wife misses the episodes of her new favorite soap, #PSY.

In the family, we do not allow TV viewing to compromise family time, nor interfere with our priorities.  That's why I'm happy to have known this device.

The TV do not control our time anymore. We set our own programming. I can watch the news at a time I am settled and free. She can catch up with her 'teleseryes' and reality shows like The Voice Kids and Your Face Sounds Familiar - in HDThe news and other programs are archived up to 2 weeks. The VCR/DVD capability allows us to pause, rewind and fast-forward the programs.

Popular Star Cinema films are also in the package. What brings much happiness to the wife though is the availability of selected classic teleseryes from the last decade or so. Full episodes. Since we're off the loop for 3 years, she has a lot of catching up to do  - in her free time that is. In fact she's already planning a late-night marathon. Ehem!

Award-winning children programs like Sineskwela, Hiraya Manawari, Epol Apple, and more are also available - good materials for the kids to learn more of Tagalog and our culture. My childhood's flashing back.

The other 7 channels on the device are BRO, ANC, Cinema One Global, DZMM Teleradyo, My Only Radio For Life (MOR), Karaoke and TFC Pay-per-view - where viewers get to subscribe to watch selected newly-released hit movies and / or big sporting events.

Hit movies become available on PPV around 3 weeks after its showing in the Philippines.  Karaoke songs are not exclusively Star Records hits only.

The IPTV comes handy, literally. All you need is an internet connection of at least 2MBPS. No satellite dish required, just a compact device that fits the size of a palm.

If plans push through and we move to another place in Dubai, we don't have a huge satellite dish to carry. Very ideal for many Filipino households in UAE. We all know we do not stay permanently in one place.

Easy setup
You don't need a technician to set it up. The box comes with a user manual, a LAN cable and HDMI among others. Just connect the cables to the device and plug the power cord. Switch the TV on, select the appropriate input method (HDMI) and an easy step-by-step instructions will guide you through the installation.

I installed the device in 5 minutes.

Though it is wifi-enabled as well, it is advisable to use the LAN cable for better internet connectivity.

Just activate your account and that's it. Call 800-TFC for assistance.

Special Extra
The box also comes with a TFC Everywhere plan where, in addition to TV, subscribers can access TFC via tablets and smartphones anywhere in the country. Every subscriber's account can register up to 2 devices.

Activating my account
The device costs AED499* and is available in Carrefour Mall of the Emirates, Deira City Centre, Marina Mall Abu Dhabi and Al Saqr Mall Abu Dhabi. Soon it will also be available in Carrefour Al Ghurair, Mirdiff City Centre and Burjuman.

It comes with one year warranty.

Subscription Packages
Premium package costs AED99 per month. There are flexible subscription options of 3-month, 6-month and 12-month packages too. Please refer to the table below:

Top-ups can be made using credit card or through prepaid cards that can be purchased at select Zoom outlets. Prepaid cards come in 50, 100 and 300 dirhams denominations.

These areas and the other device settings are password protected so no one can mess up with your details and configuration.

Room for upgrade
I was told by ABSCBN Middle East officials that subscribers will be able to download updates via the 'App' menu item when they become available. There will be additional functions and features to be rolled out in the future. I hope MYX music channel will be included in the next upgrade.

One thing I suggested when I met the IPTV team is to add a 'Favorites' function so we can mark and store our most-liked and frequently watched programs in one location for quicker access. Because at the current setup, we had to navigate with multiple clicks before accessing some of the programs.

Hopefully, too, they could provide a remote control with better ergonomics. Or better, to allow us to use our mobile phones as a bluetooth remote - like what we can do with Smart TVs these days.

Other than that, TFC IPTV VOD is definitely a game changer!

For more information and support, you may call TFC UAE hotlline at 800-832.

* price might change

Win! Win! Win!

In collaboration with ABS-CBN Middle East, we are giving away one TFC IPTV VOD device to one lucky follower of Boy Dubai. The unit comes with one month free premium subscription.

To qualify, you must publicly share this article on Facebook (via Boy Dubai page) and leave a comment on this post OR on the Facebook post.

Contest ends 16th July 2015 5:59pm. A winner will be drawn on the evening of 16th July and will be announced on Boy Dubai Facebook page.

Please note of the following terms and conditions:

1. The device comes with 1 month free subscription only
2. The winner must pick up the device in ABS-CBN Dubai Media City office
3. The prize cannot be exchanged for cash
4. The winner needs to sign a waiver that he/she will subscribe for at least 2 more months (because it just makes no sense of keeping the device without subscription.)
5. The winner may be asked to share his/her experience in social media about using the device

Good luck!

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  1. Hi Ion,

    Nice article. I already bought a unit with 3 months subscription from Carrefour Deira City Center and completed the hardware set up. The welcome screen showed that i have to call for activation so I did. First I was connected to the US and the second time to Manila but it seems they dont know how to activate it, saying they would call back but never did. How did you activate yours? Their office number in Dubai Media City dont even work. Thanks!

  2. Wish i could win so i can try how great this IPTV is, currently i am only watching on the internet and facebook streaming. Reading your article sounds very promising and with the new technology combine televiewers like me will have worry free from skipping all the shows and will have a great time watching! Keep up the good work ABS CBN for producing this kind of product and for Ion on recommending high quality stuff.

  3. I have TFC on OSN. It's better because I get more channels (40+ channels) aside from TFC at almost the same price.