Juiceworld, the 8th wonder of Dubai

Unlike other fruit shake stands in almost every corner of Dubai, this one in Deira really stands out. I learned about it through Facebook - lots and lots of Facebook photos that really pulled my curiosity plug. The photos tell me it's a huge playground of fruits.

Juiceworld was founded in Saudi Arabia and is operating for more than 2 decades now. According to its website, it is an international company known for making the freshest juices, falaudas, fruit salads and fruit bouquets. They claim to prepare more than 150 kinds of juices and fruit bouquets.

What else to do but go see for myself right? So I brought the gang down to Al Rigga Road, just a block away from Rigga metro station, to experience both the juice and the "world."

It was a jam packed day, in and out. Interestingly, there's a longer queue at the hanging fruit decorations than at the counter.

The fruit display only occupies a small room - thanks to the mirror reflection making it look more spacious. With everyone snapping here and there, it's quite not easy to find the right time to click (so you know, there's not much other people in the frame).

Having the fruits arranged into decors is a very brilliant idea. I mean, instead of just storing them in the fridge or stock room - like what other traditional fruit shake kiosks does - they found a way to make these reserve fruits work for them, to lure visitors and eventually convert the visits into sales. Innovative.

We love it. The natural smell of fruit swings and rings are really inviting.  There are avocados, apples, oranges, pineapples and pomegranates to name a few.

No wonder, residents and tourists alike troop this place for photo shoot. You haven't been to Dubai if you have no picture at Juiceworld.

Because it was really crowded at the time we visit, we had to take away. I ordered my favorite Avocado smoothie. One 1.5 liter costs AED25. Better than frap hmm.

I like it not too sweet that I had ordered the same several times already.

Here are few other fun photos we had:

I finally got time to post about this.

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