Iftar at Monte Carlo Stars in Dubai Marina Waterfront

It was the first day of Ramadan, our first iftar invite and the destination is the sports-themed Monte Carlo Stars Restaurant in the stunning Dubai Marina Waterfront.

As we make our way down the long stairway from the valet, my eyes were glued at the interiors inspired by Monaco Grand Prix and other motor sports. A huge red, blue and white star with more tiny stars and diamonds welcomes guests at the entrance.

There's a real race car hanging at the ceiling. Frames of sports celebrities are on the hallways. Special seating areas have long glass tables with the actual motocross suits of retired racers underneath the glass, and the chairs are real reclinable car seats. That's where we were asked to be seated.

An ample soft play area for kids, and video games arcade are also available for diners.

Smoking and non-smoking areas are properly designated. There's also an air-conditioned sheesha lounge since the humidity outside is unbearable these days.

Talking too much about the place now. Let's talk food.

The iftar buffet was mainly traditional Arabic cuisines ranging from hot and cold mezzes, few main courses and desserts selection.

Lentil soup, Fattoush, Tabouleh, Hummus, vine leaves, marinated baked potatoes and a mix of other green and Arabic salads are on the starters table.

Mains weren't bad. It's an assortment of traditional Arabic dishes, save for pasta. Mansaf Kharouf, roasted lamb with savoury rice is the star.

Fruits, pudding, Lebanese sweets and Umm Ali make up the desserts serving.

The iftar platter costs AED 95 per person and AED 55 for kids under ten. Kids under 5 years eat for free.

Here are more photos from the restaurant:

The little one allowed us to eat well because she's enjoying her time in the play pen

Stars and diamonds
One of those tables with real sporting uniforms
Choose your color. About 5 semi-private tables come in different vibrant colors with little stars illuminating the arch.

The arcade area
Each dining area also shows streaming of motor racing or other sports

Where we were seated. The car seats are reclinable. The foot space though could've been more comfy for my size
If not photo frames, there are huge decals like this on the walls.
Photos of celebrities who have been to the restaurant are on display in the hallways

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  1. Wow, that's one awesome restaurant concept there! :)

    kriskamarie.com :)

  2. The suits on glass table looks quite creepy!