Photos: Miracoco Luminarium in Dubai

One of the major attractions at the Al Ghurair StreetCon is the Miracoco Luminarium by Architects of Air.  Guests have to remove their shoes and slippers to enter. It looks like a bouncy castle but it's really more than that.

Pointed shiny domes at the outside and colorful luminous maze inside. It's a monumental beauty of light and color.

Miracoco was built in 2011 to represent a new step in the evolution of luminarium design.
Its distinctive element is in the rendering of the domes. The dodecahedral domes follow a geometry made more precise by the increased use of reinforced restraints to define the structure.  The working of the illuminated seams enhances the sense of structure. - Architects of Air
Learn more about the Miracoco here.

More photos inside and outside the luminarium:

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