How to pack your Balikbayan Box like a boss

One that differentiates Filipino expats from other nationalities is our inseparable attachment to our love ones, regardless how many thousand miles away we are from them.  Sending balikbayan (cargo) boxes to the Philippines is one of ways to send our hearts to them.

Shoes, apparel, perfumes, gadgets, and even grocery items like cooking oil, lotion and detergents mix themselves into the golden gift box.

Our generous hearts will always make this practice part of every OFW's life.

Unfortunately, there are some shipment companies that are careless in handling and delivering our beloved cargo boxes.

In order to avoid damages, we also need to make sure that we pack all the items properly in the box. Here are some tips on how the goodies will reach our families in their best condition:

1. Select the right size of box for the size and quantity of your 'padala'.  Avoid bulging your packages.
2. Use bubble wraps to secure glass, ceramics and other fragile items, and place them in the middle of the box.
3. Do not remove powder and liquid from their own containers. Double seal them with heavy duty adhesive tape and a resealable plastic.
4. Add cardboard or cloth padding to sharp items like pens, knives and other blades.
5. Fill the small gaps of your box with crumpled paper or foams so the items won't be shaking up inside.

Be sure to make a checklist of all the items before you seal the box.

To avoid conflicts in receiving the package, be sure to write the complete name of both the sender and recipient. Double check the address, especially the contact number.

Watch the Balikbayan Box 101 video by LBC above for more comprehensive information on packaging securely and safely - and what needs to go, and prohibited to go in the box.

LBC is where I can comfortably put my trust on. Its commitment to deliver packages in good condition and on agreed time has eventually cemented its reputation as one of the best courier services from UAE to anywhere in the Philippines.

And good news to my neighbors in Sharjah, they will be opening a new branch on May 16 in Yarmook (at the back of Gold Centre), their 3rd branch in UAE.  This will better serve Filipinos from the Northern Emirates as well.

Max's Restaurant Chicky Boy brings a cart full of heavenly breakfast
I learned about it in a very fashionable way.  One Friday morning, while we're playing basketball at the park, they came by surprise to announce the opening of the branch. They also did a little fun game and gave away sport gears and basketballs from their partner Mayad Sports, and a sumptuous breakfast from everybody's favorite, and also their partner, Max's Restaurant Sharjah.

The video below shows the delight and cheers of the Filipinos on the surprise of LBC:

Two teams get to select which box to open - both contain gifts from Mayad Sports
They also visited Giant and Sunrise City supermarkets to announce the opening of Sharjah branch, and gave 2 lucky shoppers free 'hakot' groceries.

I had a chat with the LBC guys during their visit. I can't help but asked them about the not-so-secret issues regarding damages and pilferage in shipments in general.

They strongly suggest that customers must be sure that their packages are properly documented with a declared checklist and photos, and must direct their concerns to the cargo company upon receipt of the delivery, than posting photos on Facebook.

In line with the opening of Sharjah branch, they are running a Selfie competition on Facebook. More details on the poster below:

LBC has been in the UAE since 2008. They also service Filipino expats in KSA, Qatar, Kuwait, & Bahrain. For more information visit their website at or Like their Facebook Page.

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