Celebration of artistry at Al Ghurair StreetCon

We visited StreetCon on its last day. It was a frenzy atmosphere out there.

The temporarily closed inner streets of Al Ghurair Centre were energized with dazzling display of urban art and performances. It was a festive celebration of artistic talent in this part of the world.

Dozens of local and international graffiti artists burst out the walls with passionate creativity. There were container mash up rooms, photo galleries, workshops, interactive drawing stations, live musicians and beat box performers, bikes and skate ramp shows as well.

Lots of tribute to The People's Champ Manny Pacquiao as well - from canvas art, portraits and t-shirt prints.

The place was so lively and lovely. The artists definitely brought more life through a cultural and colorful explosion of traditional and modern art.

Indeed, Al Ghurair Centre is quickly becoming a pinnacle zone for street art in Dubai.

Let the other photos I've taken continue the story. Feast your eyes:

STRAY - a photo series by Filipino artist and photographer Angelo Aguilor inspired by his yearning to own a pet cat, however, his bed-space accommodation wouldn't allow it.

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