A relaxing escape at Cove Rotana in Ras Al Khaimah

The weather today reminds me of our amazing stay at The Cove Rotana in Ras Al Khaimah. A 45-minute travel on a Friday from Dubai gave us a very relaxing experience - from the time we checked-in until we left the place.

The place is like a huge compound of villas, lagoons and pools on a hill. We had to be transported by buggy golf cars up and down the zigzag pathways, especially during the scorching midday. Villas are about hundreds of meters away from a number of facilities.

The ride provides a bonus view of the sea and other scenery from atop. The summer breeze at night is good for a walk from our room to the restaurants, to the beach, to anywhere.

It was a one night stay in a single bedroom villa (studio type actually). Our space is huge enough for a queen-sized bed, a table and couch. The interior has a feel of mixed vintage and modern designs. The walls are decorated with Arabic decals and bricks that extends to the dome ceiling.

This is the brightest it could get lit on the room and we love it.
The balcony got us glued for quite some time. We have a great view of the pool. We see the lagoon connecting to the sea. The fresh air by the sea is soothing.

Since we're in the mid part of the resort, we could see the villas on the higher and lower grounds behind the greens.

Except for the plastic monobloc chairs, rest of the view is perfectly fine.
Our location of 200 meters away from the beach didn't allow us to hear the breezy waves, but the splashes from the pool is as good as music to the ears.

Obviously we love taking pictures (of ourselves), so we spent the half of day strolling around - posing on every corner of the resort.

We walked by the shore, along the cabanas, get wacky at the footbridge, emote by the bushes and flowers. We really appreciate the calm romantic ambiance The Cove has to offer.

The place was well laid out, regardless that the resort was fully booked that day, we didn't see huge crowds forming.

We hit the pool before the sun go down and had more photos in and under water.

We had a sumptuous breakfast at about 7am the next day. Then we dipped for hours in the main infinity pool afterwards.  The view of endless waters is breathtaking.

To go back and forth our room, we had to wait for buggy car services stop by. And we were notified about it so we had to give ample time and avoid rush.

When we reached our room, a "birthday" cheese cake surprise was waiting. There's actually no occasion, but we told the receptionist it's our anniversary the next month. Sweet! It was so good I could finish it all.

Come our last hour, we headed to Cinnamon Restaurant for brunch. There's a wide range of diverse international food selection - Arabic cuisine, Indian, Chinese, there's a live cooking and grill station, and sushi and sashimi station too. My favorite, other than the dessert, was the fresh varieties of seafood.

We scheduled our couple spa after check-out (1pm) so we really could maximize all of our stay for other activities. We wanted to do it at the cabanas by the beach but they're fully occupied that time it had to be done separately at the spa.

The wife had a 60 minute traditional Thai massage and I had Shiatsu. Very relaxing I fell asleep. Then, we spent around 30 minutes more at the jacuzzi and sauna - our tired yet fulfilled bodies can't stop thanking us for doing so.

We're very pleased at how polite and accommodating the staff are. The services are efficient.

This escape is one of the best we've had in the UAE - away from the bustling city, surrounded by greeneries which you don't get often in the desert. Truly a refreshing and romantic break by the beach indeed.

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