• Photos: Sandstorm in Dubai puts it in sepia, #NoFilter

    screencap from Youtube
    Did you see black and blue or white and gold?

    This overwhelming sandstorm covered the city of gold, with thousand kilos of, well, golden dust.

    Sandstorms happen during spring or summer season - usually at the turn of a season. A low pressure area develops over the UAE forcing strong north-westerly winds to blow from Saudi Arabia to the emirates. These winds, also known as Shamal (north) in Arabic, become gusty and unpredictable on reaching Dubai. Shamal boost up the desert sand, hence the golden color, and reduce visibility. They may last for several days.

    The sandstorm yesterday literally put Dubai in sepia and the #NoFilter hashtag became a trending topic. Bet Instagram could use 'Dubai' as one of its photo filters huh.

    So I browsed for some photos posted online via Google Image search and here sharing you some of good snaps:

    from Ahram Online
    from BBC / Getty Images
    from Pinterest
    from Reuters
    from Masala
    from Masala
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