Slider Station opens at The Galleria Mall Dubai

This posh restaurant is now open at The Galleria Mall in Jumeirah.

Few days before its official launch, we were invited to an exclusive VIP pre-opening event of Slider Station - the first conveyor belt burger joint in the world. 
...It is the brain child of Basil Al Salem from Kuwait, the creator of b+f Burger Boutique, b+f Open Flame Kitchen and b+f Roadside Diner. Spun off and created from the sliders idea of Burger Boutique, Slider Station takes on the concept of an American Gas Station in the 40s. This "industrial chic" restaurant specializes in classic and gourmet sliders as well as a wide range of American tapas, grills, innovative salads and freshly prepared high end desserts...
It was a fantastic night! True to its statement, the ambiance rocks. It has a "modern-nostalgic" feel in its wall decals, industrial ceiling and a mix of vintage and modern furnishings. The upbeat theme music and dim lights blend well - it is still a 'restaurant than bar.'

Food's great! We loved everything on our table. Probably because I asked our server to recommend the best items on the menu, and fair enough he didn't disappoint us.

(Note: The photos are of not-so-good-quality as I had to use my mobile in a dim light. No thanks to my DSLR empty battery - and me not knowing.)

We started the night with fancy drinks.

We had Lychee and Thai Bird Chili, Watermelon, Mint and Orange Blossom lemonadas, and Pistachio and White Chocolate thin shake. All good and so flavorful, although the thin shake feels a little thick in texture.

Moroccan Sensation Salad
Wood Fired Cauliflower Salad
The salads we're fresh and perfectly done. The Moroccan Sensation Salad has romaine lettuce, cabbage, edam cheese, boursin cheese, prune cinnamon onions, roasted almonds and ciabatta croutons. The Wood Fired Cauliflower Salad has kale, feta cheese, pepitas and honey vinaigrette.

The zesty Sticky Maple Buffalo Shrimps has a little resemblance to how dynamite shrimps are done, though not that spicy, perfect with a ranch dip.

The Korean Double Fried Chicken is a platter of soft-crispy chicken fillet cuts with spring onions and sesame on top. It has a mild spicy flavor. The Gochujang honey glaze makes it more savory.

And since the little one was with us, we ordered Truffle Shoestring Fries for her to munch on. It was not too crispy but very tasty.

The Tenderloin Lollipops come with grilled potato cubes called Patatas Bravas and Chimmichurri Aioli dip, commonly known as Argentine Tartar sauce.  The meat is well-marinated and are tenderly done.  I love the minimal peppery flavor of it.

The enticing Coca-cola Braised Short Ribs is, well, brewed with cola. It is served with root vegetable hay on top. The name suggests that it somehow taste like Coke but no it doesn't. One of the best meat I've tasted - very soft and easy to eat. The sweetness though could be attributed to the soda. 

I'm always a fan of Grilled Tiger Shrimps. This one that comes with a charred lemon mayo dip is a winner. Though grilled, the moist and the piquant flavor of the shrimp remains in it.

Oh yes, there's the Dirty Fried Rice. It has crab, smoked brisket, sriracha soy sauce and egg among others. The presentation comes in a small bowl and looks too crowded, but it brings out a lot of exquisite flavor. I can be contented with just this bowl for a dinner actually.


Of course, we tried some sliders. Sliders are small buns or sandwiches typically around 3 inches across.

We had Crispy Chicken which is a buttermilk-fried chicken with mustard mayo, cheddar and pickles, and Sriracha Glazed Lobster Rolls with wasabi peas and milk roll.


We also tried one premium slider - the Tiger Shrimp Handgun. It is a southern-fried tiger shrimp in a black bun called bamboo charcoal bun. It comes with mango pepper slaw and mango habanero sauce. It's like a sandwiched tempura with coleslaw but the bun makes it extraordinary. 

Oreo Midnight Pancakes
How about a sweet ending? Definitely.

The Oreo Midnight Pancake is the star of the night (well, of the desserts, and if you love pancakes). It is served with a white chocolate ice cream scoop on top and poured with warm fudge sauce. Yum overload. The pancakes are fluffy and surprisingly, not too sweet to my taste. This is definitely a recommendation.

PBJ Blondie
White Chocolate Cheesecake
Our server also recommended PBJ Blondie and White Chocolate Cheesecake.

The PBJ Blondie is a peanut butter ice cream with blackberry jam and toasted marshmallow - ice cream cake basically.

The White Chocolate Cheesecake comes with pistachio hazelnut sauce, pecan granola and raspberry.

Go and try Slider Station for yourself. It's a distinctive American dining with a little feel of the East. We had a great time, we enjoyed the food. We are very much satisfied with the service and the knowledge and hospitality of our server RJ.

Slider Station is located at The Galleria Mall in Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah. Follow them on Instagram for more updates or visit their website at

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  1. You should include the price of the food so we have an idea but from the look of it, it seems costly