Dubai Canvas 3D Art Festival at The Beach

Several years back these mind-boggling pavement 3D art from Europe became viral. I'm always amazed at the talent, the unfathomable creativity and the dedication of their creators.

Thanks to #DubaiCanvas we're able to personally discover more about these fascinating 3D art. This weekend we went to The Beach.

Kurt Wenner, founding father of 3D pavement art, and his colleagues showcased their works along with select Emarati artists. Other world famous 3D artists who participated in the festival includes Gregor Wosik, Juandres Vera, Anthony Cappetto, Cuboliquido, Julie Kirk Purcell, Tracy Lee Stum, Leon Keer, Peter Westerink and Cesar Paredes Pacora.

For us, the challenge is to think of a "good acting pose" while taking photos with the artworks. But hey, acting in front of a crowd is not too cool of an idea huh.

At 12 midday, the shadow is a spoiler.

Here are some snaps from my mobile phone:

Our entry to the #DubaiCanvas Instagram contest - our little one hangin' tough out there :-)

The sand dunes
The only artwork which we're not allowed to take photos at the right platform. We had to give our phones to the staff.

Abra! But the shadow :(

Another abra, and shadow.
It took us time to find the right pose and shot, but failed. No thanks to the shadow, again.
I know. What am I doing?
Could have been better if enhanced
Not 3D, but equally stunning. My sister tried to spot the best position.

The family that snaps together, clicks together

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  1. Nice post,pictures are showing how big is this event???so nice, i like this post.Cross Borders Art Gallery keeps adding to its already huge collection of Contemporary Art. The paintings are from every genre of art and from world famous artists.

  2. I never knew such events took place in Dubai!! Are there any this year 2017? I would like to take my kids to attend this event I think it's an awesome experience