Dubai International Kite Festival 2015

Kites, indeed, is a visual poetry in motion.  If you hadn't flown a kite in your childhood, you might have not had a great one, as they say ;-)

Over 70 kite flyers from 25 countries participated in the 2nd Dubai International Kite Festival (DIKF). In addition that, hundreds of families brought in their own kites to fly and showcase as well. It was a great, fun activity for each and everyone of all ages.

The festival which was held at the Jumeirah Kite Beach (Sunset Beach) is part of the 20th Dubai Shopping Festival.

Activities of the participating teams include synchronized kite flying, sports kite flying, kite surfing, kite buggying, kite boarding, fly boarding , wake boarding and night kite flying with illumination.

There were also many other side events on the beach like face painting, kite making workshop, balloon bending, portrait artists, spot photography, food courts, music and dance performances.

We came a little too early when many participants were still setting-up, hence the photos below. Here are some snaps from the last day of the festival:

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