Creating Wealth Through Real Estate Crash Course in Dubai

To buy house and lot, to invest in rental apartments, to secure properties... these are some of the common answers to the question, "Why are you working abroad?"

These days, we OFWs, often get a lot of offers and invitations to various investment opportunities such as properties.  Some of us easily sees the value in it, while many remain doubtful.  

It is always best to equip ourselves with the right knowledge to handle these 'opportunities' and manage the risks.

'Creating Wealth Using Real Estate' aims to contribute in shaping up our minds and guiding us until we're ready to make the decision - yes or no, and, which property to invest in.

This introductory course is designed for first-time investors who want to make money from real estate, for property investors who are looking for a non biased advice on what property to buy, and for Stock Market investors who want to diversify their portfolio as well.

The 3-part course costs AED60 only.

Here's what to expect from the modules:

Module 1: Which property to buy?
  • Is investing in rental property for you?
  • Pros and cons of each type of rental properties
  • Advantages of investing in properties
  • Disadvantages of investing in properties
  • Building your team
  • Sources of financing
  • Factors to consider when selecting rental properties
Module 2: How to make money with my property?
  • Doing the numbers
  • Marketing your property
  • Furnishing your property
  • Protect yourself with a solid lease contract
  • Taking care of your tenant
  • Horror property purchase to avoid
  • Lessons learned about rental properties
Module 3: Questions and property tips for offshore Filipino investors

Who will teach us?

Carl Dy is the president of Spectrum Investments, a property portfolio management company. He has over a decade of experience in the real estate industry working for property giant Ayala Land as Sales Director of Ayala Land Primer.

He is continuously building up his property portfolio with an ultimate goal of living on passive income from real estate. He believes that property investment, just like business, is not an automatic money-generating product. One must have a passion for it, create and execute a strategy, and give time and effort for the investment to flourish.

An architect by education, Carl has written articles on property investing and has been featured in MoneySense magazine, Entrepreneur magazine, various broadsheets and in various radio and TV programs including ANC's On the Money.

Event is organized by Money Talks UAE.

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