750,000+ expats excited for Jollibee in Dubai Mall

My friend, Morris, send me this photo from his Facebook feeds.
Confirmed! The bee is coming to town - the real, witty, happy, yummy jolly bee!  The reason why McDonald's is only number 2 in the Philippines.

For many of us overseas Filipinos, Jollibee is a childhood icon that never leaves us 'til we grow old. It never fails to bring out the kid in us. Regardless of how many fried chicken variants we've already tried in Dubai, we're still longing, still craving for that home-y juicy-licious, crispy-liscious Chickenjoy.

The opening of the real Jollibee food chain in Dubai is like a coming of a long-lost family or best friend. Seriously! And we're talking about Filipino adults here.

Very soon 750,000+ Filipino expats don't have to "habilin" a Yumburger or chickenjoy pasalubong from the Philippines. Burger Steak with steamed rice, Jolly Hotdog, Jolly Spaghetti, Palabok... we can't wait to introduce these favorites to our friends in Dubai.

Jollibee, for many of us, is the national fast food of the Philippines. This will surely be Dubai Mall's next biggest attraction.

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