My New Year's Race-solution

There's this one very unpleasant observation many of us commonly receive when returning home and meeting old friends and families, "Tumaba ka ah!"

The assumption that many Filipinos in Dubai go back home with "extra baggage" has become common.  Well, it probably shows. But the growing popularity of recent running events in the emirates could prove this notion wrong.

Last month at the #WeRunDXB 10K race, Filipinos formed a huge chunk of the eight thousand strong crowd. Running, apparently, is also a big hit as it is back home.

The primary reason I joined the run is to introduce a sustainable physical activity and to bring balance to my otherwise, very hectic lifestyle.  The discipline, the values I gain from training inspire me to do the same in other aspects of my life.

The beginner in me has quickly discovered great things about running. In addition to the obvious health and fitness benefits, I feel an improvement in my well-being as a whole. Unlike before where stress beats me up, running relieves me from it.   My mind feels very refreshed and relaxed.

A few friends discouraged to join the run as it is not my field and it might be bad for my knees and worsen the pain in my joints. Well, it didn't! It may not be easy in the beginning but eventually the body pains went away and I feel conditioned.

I'm happy to see thousands of people running with the same motivation. New Year's resolutions are always full of wishes to get fitter and healthier.  If you're one of the hopefuls, you might as well try running.  It's not costly and you can do it at a park near you.  And best of all, your competition is yourself.

Participating in a running event is fun and friendly too. You'd be surprised at what you can achieve.  I will be joining the Dubai Marathon again this month. So see you at the start!

So, hopefully, the next time you go home, your friends will then say, "Wow sexy mo na!"


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