Google launches a heartwarming video for Filipinos abroad

Yesterday at the Metro, I heard a mom talking to her child in the Philippines. She was smiling and so excited...

"Oh, kumusta Christmas party nyo 'nak?"
"Wow marunong ka nang sumayaw..."
"Miss ka na ni mommy..."

At the end of the conversation is a gasp, a deep sigh and a silent sob.

Whew! #BuhayOFW

This morning, I saw this very touching video launched by Google dedicated to Filipinos abroad.

#MissNothing - that's what Google wants every Pinoy overseas to feel in this very heartwarming, touching campaign.

The video shows how we strive to live and work abroad and how emotional we become when we pause for some moments to remember our loved ones we dearly miss back home.


Google also launched Google Balikbayan - a portal for us overseas Filipinos to connect and to hang out. Visit this URL

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