15 ways to spot Filipinos in Dubai

They say everyone's attitude, activities and culture that defines a nationality shows up strongly especially when living in another country.

This list points out the funny, witty and proud (and not-so-proud) characters of Filipinos in UAE - this, somehow, is a tribute to my kabayans.

So how to spot a Filipino?

1. A Philippine flag sticker in the car - You can never take away a Filipino from a Filipino wherever he may be. This shows how proud he is of his roots.

or 3 stars and a sun

or family roll call

2. A pantry in the drawer - because we eat 5 (or 6? 7?) times a day.

3. Gravy is a must if eating KFC - Not ketchup. Gravy is free and overflowing in KFC Philippines. Here, a small cup costs AED3.

4. Pinoy ketchup dip - No need for a dip actually because the ketchup goes to the tissue

5. Deck the walls as early as September - Filipinos have the longest Christmas celebration and festivities. Thus, the Christmas trees and other decors are out as early as September.

6. PacMan Leave - Filipinos are either late or on "sick leave" whenever Manny Pacquiao fights. Many don't want to watch replays or get contented with updates via Twitter / Facebook. The world boxing icon definitely has a solid following in the country.

7. Videoke belters.  House parties come to life with videoke, that's why it's a "must have" for many Filipino households.

8. That court is ours! - Basketball runs in the blood. Almost every basketball court in the UAE has it's own community league dominated by Pinoys.

9. Sun shield - Using umbrellas when sunny isn't a popular thing here in UAE. But many Filipinos, especially ladies, covers up against the sun to protect their skin and "to avoid 'getting dark' (tanned)."  Sayang ang kojic, papaya and placenta.

10. Huge carton boxes as luggage - These boxes are called "balikbayan box." It means, returning expat's luggage. It is usually filled with grocery items, toiletries, apparel, shoes, small home appliances and/or gadgets.

11. Hotel toiletries are souvenirs - Many Filipinos love keepsakes. There should always be anything from a place or event that they'd take home as a remembrance - even if it's the complimentary toiletries supplies.

12. Qualified purchasing engineers - "My friend give me discount"

13. Play charade with the waiter when asking for the bill - Filipinos draw an invisible rectangle when asking for the bill.

14. Network admins - Many Filipinos these days are growing their fortune in 'networking.' Network marketing that is. They give "business opportunity" another meaning. If a not-so-close friend suddenly invites you for a coffee or dinner... alam na! Many of them are "kidnappers."

15. O, wacky! - In taking pictures, there should always be two snaps - one proper and one wacky (special mention, jump shot).

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  1. haha all true! super guilty with number 2.

  2. Tsaka yung pagtango pag may makasalubong kahit di kilala Pinoy lang gumagawa nun