Eid special show at Dubai Dolphinarium

In the Philippines, dolphin sighting is a common occurrence to ferry travelers like me. I've seen dolphins play along with people on board ferries.  It is also a common tourist attraction to many island hoppers to many destinations back home.

That's why I'm not really that eager to see the show before.

Add to that, we always get amused of these dolphin shows on Youtube. But now I can say nothing beats the feeling of seeing them live. It's a peculiar entertainment.  The talent is bedazzling - both the trainers and the dolphins, and seals.

Last night's show was extra special with the addition of ‘Aladdin’ acrobat show. It is a display of illusion, acrobatics, musicale & adventure - a prelude to the main seals and dolphins show.

The 3 seals are amazing. They perfectly did the hula hoops while their flippers are in sync. One of them even sing in the mic. That was the "cutest horrible" sound I've heard - a sweet monster.

The 6 dolphins are unbelievable.  Even the best adjectives won't be enough to describe how adorable and fascinating they all are. They flip, jump, jump higher, glide, juggle, toss different ball sizes, and sing.

It's a wonder how these bottlenose dolphins are named and how they know their names -  Senya, Ksyusha, Jerry, Tetka, Fekla and Kai.

They also paint an abstract that right after went to auction. The bidder won it for AED400.

Best is, they're so engaged not just with their trainers but with the audience as well.  Superb!

Also part of their Eid celebrations are cool giveaways. If your seat number is called out you could win prizes like gold from Joyalukkas, balloon rides vouchers with Balloon Adventures, desert motor cycle rides with Just Gas It, desert safaris & yacht trips with Rayna Tours & family fun days at Al Tamimi Stables.

Baby Aya enjoyed herself until the seals show. After a short break to give away prizes, she started crying and never got her mood back until the last few minutes of the dolphin show. I feel so sorry :(

Here are some of the snaps from last night's show:

The seals in one of their acrobatics
One of the seals singing - he/she sounds like Godzilla but it's delightful
Flippers dancing in pair
Jumping and aiming higher and higher
This gentle giant sliding into the platform
One of the balls they're playing with
They toss this giant ball to the delighted crowd with their rostrum or flukes
A trainer balancing on top of  dolphin's back perfectly glides in the water so fast and perfect
The gentle giant splashing excitedly
For tickets, please visit the Dubai Dolphinarium website.

Thank you so much to Denise and Angel and to Daddy Dodie and Mommy Agnes for the invite. The mom and dad had a blast (",), and Aya got her mood back at the last part of the show.  She keeps on saying "fish, fish, fish." Now it's on us to tell her that dolphins are not fish...

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