Crab Fest at Chimes

For four years now, Chimes celebrates Crab Fest every October. This year's installment features 6 sumptuous crab dishes to choose from. We tried 2 of them.

We had Singapore Chili Crab and Singapore Pepper Crab - which are always in the menu all-year long.
Singapore Chili Crab
The chili crab is a mud crab in a "sensuous" and "sweet yet savory" fluffy texture sauce. I like the balance of sweet and spicy flavors in it. Spicy but not "hot."

Singapore Pepper Crab
The pepper crab is a mud crab smothered in a rich semi-thick sauce spiced with black pepper, chili and ginger. It leaves a zestful taste in the mouth.

We preferred rice to go along with our orders. You can ask Mantau buns if you're into less-carb.

Each serving is 450 - 500 grams. It's huge and so fatty (full of hearty aligue or crab roe). They are served partially cracked, though you still have crab mallets and claw crackers with dull knife on your table - which I'm not really good at.

The best way to enjoy crabs is to go messy with your hands, I know. But since we are also mindful of our very makulit na baby, we had to use the utensils. I know. We had to take half of our food in parcel so we could go all out at it at home. :-) Sorry Mr. Crab!

We added Kang Kung in Garlic Sauce side dish. It tastes like our traditional sauteed Kangkong in olive oil, but this one has a twist of mild chili flavor!
Prawn Har Kau
Prawn Crackers
Har Kau/Gau for our starters. We were also served with prawn crackers and shrimp paste dip - a good one, surprisingly.

Mint and Cucumber Refresher and Mint Iced Tea.

The crabs are originally sourced from Singapore and Indonesia - a real far eastern flavor indeed.

The other 4 crab dishes on the Crab Fest menu are:

  • Malaysian Butter Crab - mud crab flavored with chili and crispy curry leaves in an "East meets West" flavorful butter sauce
  • Salt 'n Pepper Crab - mud crab in crispy salt and pepper coating
  • Sri Lankan Crab Curry - traditional Sri Lankan crab curry with drumstick leaves
  • Asian Steamed Crab - steamed mud crab in lemon butter sauce flavoured with lemongrass
Chimes serves cuisines of Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. The restaurant is located at Seven Sands Hotel Apartment in Al Barsha, near Sharaf DG Metro Station. Their Crab Fest will run until 31st October only. Reserve your table at 04-3234211 or 800-CHIMES (244637). They do home deliveries also. Like them on Facebook to receive for updates and promos.

Putik! These mud crabs definitely won't drive you mad.

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