Behind the Scene Photos: Star Wars Episode VII Filming in Abu Dhabi

TMZ posted some exclusive spoiler photos of the filming of Star Wars Episode 7 in the hot hot hot UAE. It is scorching 50 degrees hot in the city these days, how much more in the desert... But, the sand in the photos looks more like from the beach and not desert though. The desert is set to be used as planet Tatooine, home to Luke Skywalker.

But here's director J.J. Abrams had to say:

TMZ wrote, "Jedi sources tell us the new alien was manned by 5 men inside its belly ... and was used in two scenes taking place in what looks like a Tatooine marketplace."

According to the website, producers intend to use less CG in the new movies, instead, relying heavily on practical effects like the original trilogy which is evident in these photos.

View more behind the scene photos here.

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