Where to watch meteor shower in Dubai?

Experience of a lifetime’ - this is how experts describe what to witness in tonight's meteor shower. Named as Camelopardalids (after the Giraffe Constellation), spectators will be up for a stellar treat indeed.

The event is be hosted by the Dubai Astronomy Group tonight at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort and Spa from 9pm to 5am tomorrow, Saturday. Guests are allowed to use the club's telescopes to help them see the shower more clearly, and also see more celestial objects such as Saturn, Mars, double stars, globular clusters, nebula and other deep sky objects. The event will also feature live presentations and videos about the night-sky plus featured online broadcasts to the wider international astronomy community.

According to news, the debris trail from Comet 209P/Linear, discovered in 2004, is the originator of this meteor shower and the Earth will cross the comet path. Scientists estimate that between 100 and 400 meteors will cruise through the sky per hour, and could reach about 1000 in its peak.  This new meteor shower could definitely be an astronomical experience of a life-time.  Meteor garden in Dubai.

The event will also feature relevant educational live presentations about the sky, the universe we are in.

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