Tapa King Opens Restaurant in Dubai

The royalties have arrived! Tapa King celebrates the opening of their second overseas store (first in the UAE) with a grand program. Congratulations!

The store is located at the ground floor, B-block of Ansar Gallery in Karama (Zabeel Road corner Khaleed Bin Al Waleed Street). I was quite disoriented on the way to the store from the basement parking. Not sure if it's a popular spot among Filipinos as this is my first time to visit the shopping centre. But maybe, Tapa King will bring Pinoys to this place. Check.

A typical day in a Philippine mall is... you're dining and on the background, singers are belting out high notes in a competition happening at the center stage. That's the atmosphere tonight. Surely a treat. A viral campaign that started on Facebook, "Tapa King, Tapa Sing" competition ushers this successful launch. Very Filipino indeed.

Guests, led by Consul General Frank Cimafranca, Labor Attache Delmer Cruz and associates from the Philippine Consulate General Office, are treated with sumptuous buffet of some of Tapa King's finest. Other guests from various organizations, media and the blogosphere also grace the occasion to savor the "ultimate Pinoy comfort food."

Among the starters and mains on the table are Chicken Skin Sisig, Daing na Bangus, Chicken Afritada, and the Tapa King, Tapa Queen and Tapa Prince to go with the traditional garlic rice. Salads and desserts complete the set.

Tapa King is the original classic recipe - the traditional tapsilog flavor. Tapa Queen is sweet and spicy - "Pinoy-level" spicy, just peppery. Tapa Prince is sweet. Hmmm, I still have to find our why there's no princess in the royal tapa-mily.  All meat are tender and perfectly seasoned. I'm okay with the Queen.  It goes well with vinegar.

Chicken Skin Sisig is appetizing as always, especially when crispy. The tangy Daing na Bangus portions, may not be the best, but tastes like a good home-cooked daing.

There's a whole lot more to try. The restaurant will open to the public on Monday, 19th May. I'll definitely be back and won't miss the Manila's best-selling Tapa Flakes, TK Wrap, Lumpiang Shanghai and Sinigang, among others.  And oh, Crispy Danggit, you're on my list too. Then Halo-Halo and Mais con Hielo, we'll have to tango!

Please have some baby's chairs on the store. It would be more family-friendly.

Tapa King started in 1987 in Gallardo Street, Makati City, Philippines. The idea was to give customers a rice meal alternative to hamburgers, hotdogs and pizza – the real Pinoy comfort food that is filling and reminds you of your favorite home-cooked meals. From here, the idea clicked and more stores were opened in Metro Manila and provincial areas. The first overseas store was opened in Singapore. There are also plans to launch franchises in New York, Las Vegas and Rome after Dubai.

The Dubai franchise is handled by LMZ Cuisines.  LMZ Cuisines is part of the Landmark Zenath Group, a leading business house of UAE, based in Dubai

Philippine Business Council president, Lucille Ong, and LSE secretariat Armand, Ella and Bobbie

...and with the manager, and Ms. Lalaine Chu-Benitez, EIC of Illustrado
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  1. I didn't know we have Tapa King in the UAE. I used to frequent that place when I visited Manila. How are their servings size like? Masood usually complains that Filipino restaurants have small serving size :)

  2. Hi Nadia, The serving is not too small I must say, not too big either. Great to know you enjoyed the food huh