Rumor Buster: Is the 7D in Dubai Mall video for real?

THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO TRUTH on this video, titled "7D Show at Dubai Mall" circulating around social media these days.

7D is (supposedly) a new technology in Virtual Reality amusement, mostly used in cinemas. Instead of just looking at a movie, it is like being in the movie as you will feel what you see with over 7 different special effects kicking in during the thrilling ride.

I searched Dubai Mall's official website right away for 7D and not a single item was returned on search results. Some tweeps have already asked Dubai Mall on Twitter and indeed, they have no clue about it.

Or maybe, there's another mall named "Dubai Mall" somewhere in South Asia? Hmmm

This is how 7D shoule typically be: Visitors check out Dark Ride XD, a new 7D game, at the Dubai Entertainment Amusement and Leisure Show at Dubai International Exhibition Centre.

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