10 Reasons to Watch MYMP's 10th Anniversary Album Tour in Dubai

MYMP never goes off my playlist wherever I may be - home, driving or at work. Their kind of music is my relief to everyday stress. And their selections somehow tell us our stories. I will never get tired of listening to their soft and easy listening renditions.

This year, MYMP is celebrating their 10th anniversary in the recording industry with an Electrified album tour. The band will be showcasing their classics and a whole lot of new things here in Dubai on 28th and 29th March.

Here are 10 electrifying reasons why you should join me to watch them:

1. A new album
Released under Galaxy Records, their 7th studio album Electrified features 2 brand new tracks plus 8 other renditions. While they are best known for acoustics, the band has evolved a bit by adding a few instruments to the acoustic guitar in this album. The cuts are: (1) Too Many Broken Hearts, (2) Just A Smile Away, (3) You’re In Love, (4) Gravity, (5) Givin’ Up On You, (6) Tell Me, (7) How Much I Love You, (8) Unwritten, (9) Bakit Ba Ganyan, and (10) Electrified.

2. ... and a very promising original carrier single, Electrified
 “The song is like reminiscing your high school crush and getting the same feeling as “electrified”. That feeling would last for days and would only add to your hopes that someday she/he would like you too. I thought everyone could relate to that.” - Chin

3. Meet the new vocalist, Jana Laraza
Meet the sweet and beautiful new vocalist who was chosen because of her voice quality that is perfect for an MYMP vocalist. Jana started singing professionally in the late 2009 only.  Her influences include Marsha Ambrosius, Vivian Green, Lalah Hathaway, Julliane, Floetry among others.

4. Meet the rest of the band
With the new album, the group is not just limiting themselves to acoustics.  Meet the whole gang responsible for the new sound.  Kitakits will be rockin!

5. Relive our acoustic favorites
Hear our MYMP favorites like Especially For You, Crazy For You, Tell Me Where It Hurts and I'll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me, and so much more live!  The band will surely bring back memories and will remind us of the heartaches and happy endings and feelings whomever we're dedicating these songs to.

6. Royals Cover
Here's wishing they'll do this live! Pleeeeeaase?

7.  Chin's vocals
Its sounds so good when Chin sings. Duets with Jana sure sounds perfect! Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now should be a killer. Hope he does Fast Car too... and Happy!

8. Be inspired
MYMP is actually in the music industry for 17 years already, dating back in 1996. There had been ups and downs, changes in the lineup, struggles and many successes. Be inspired on how they've maintained longevity in the industry and how they're getting even stronger these days.

9. Valentines on March
This show is one great treat for your wife (she's watching at my back while typing this) or girlfriend or your barkada! Indulge into a reminiscence of hearty feelings with your partner, singalong with your favorites and groove and fall in love with their new sound.

10. ...possibly, they might perform your requests
Since it will be at Kitakits Klub and Kafe, they might just do. Watch some of their latest Youtube videos for ideas of what else they could possibly play outside their repertoire.

The band is currently busy with their album tours in and out of the country and we're lucky they have a 2-night stop here in Dubai. Tickets can be bought online at Timeout Tickets or at McDavid's Al Rigga, Max's Restaurant and Kitakits Marco Polo Hotel!

For group reservations, Striker Events Dubai can deliver tickets (if you buy 5 or more), call them at 04-3914304 or 056-6966979.

About the group:
Jacques "Chin" Alcantara founded the band back in late 1996. It was Chin's elder brother, Julius, who gave the band its name – a tribute to their departed mother. Chin's mother, Dr. Stella Lopez-Alcantara (a cardiologist), had died of complications from breast cancer when he was 17.
Back when it was originally formed, Make Your Momma Proud was a four-man rock band, whose arsenal included Jimi HendrixThe Doors and, as Alcantara adds, a little Mr. Big.He was still a student at Miriam College then, taking up Communication Arts, major in Advertising. "My mom played the piano but she didn’t get to see me play professionally—she did get to see me start out", Alcantara said. In the year after his mother died, Alcantara took up the guitar and, in his words, "really got obsessed with it and that’s when I knew what I wanted to be a musician. Alcantara was enjoined by his father (an investment and a private development banker) to attend classical guitar tutoring, but stopped after a month. Alcantara taught himself how to play.
The peak of M.Y.M.P.'s amateur days was when it won the 1996 national championship of the San Miguel Beer Battle of (rock) Bands. Before that, the group had won the NCR championship, best vocalist and best lead-guitarist awards.
As a college band, M.Y.M.P. appeared in college fairs and shows, but as they became more earnest in their intent to pursue music as a career, they encountered difficulty in lining up gigs due to their "disciplined rock" repertoire. M.Y.M.P. added a keyboardist and began working on a more pop sound, completing the transformation with the addition in 2000 of a female vocalist, Marifil Niña Girado, known then as the R&B singer (and later as Nina, the Soul Siren) after leaving the band to go solo. M.Y.M.P. then industriously performed in bars, clubs and shows for years, building an identity.
In 2001, Alcantara handled an audition for a new female lead, and the group found Julie Iris "Juris" Fernandez. Originally from Davao, Fernandez explains she didn’t grow up exposed to music on a regular basis. Like Alcantara, Fernandez did not study music formally for long, eschewing the training to learn on her own. After graduating from Miriam College, Juris Fernandez was studying at the Ateneo, working towards completing her pre-med requirements when she decided that, like Alcantara, she wanted to immerse herself in music. After singing with Jimmy Bondoc, she fatefully auditioned for M.Y.M.P

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