Jamie Rivera Dazzles Dubai, One of the Best

"...Ine-expect nyo ba pag Jamie Rivera puro worship worship..?" she quipped and smiled when I told her that she has exceeded expectations on her super performance last night.

Jamie Rivera brought the house down at Al Nasr Leisureland!

It seems like we're on for a great treat when she opened the show with Somewhere and followed by a hearty medley of her timeless romantics, Hey It's Me, I've Fallen For You and Pangarap Ka Na Lang Ba. It was beyond great, apparently.

She belted a Miss Saigon song I'd Give My Life For You, and later joined on stage by her special guest Jeffrey Hidalgo to sing a duet Sun and Moon from the broadway musicale.

Aside from duet with Jamie, the former Smokey Mountain member, now Direk Jeffrey Hidalgo engaged the crowd as well with his pop music and versions of Jason Mraz' I'm Yours and Bruno Mars' Treasure. He serenaded the ladies with Smokey Mountain classic, Can This Be Love and a whole lot more.

Jamie also gracefully grooved with folk songs like Manang Biday, Atin Cu Pung Singsing, Dahil Sa 'Yo, and Waray-Waray.  That part of the show was very refreshing.

It was pandemonium when she rocked a 10-minute Pinoy 80's medley including Manila, Panahon Na Para Magsaya, Annie Batumbakal, Beh Buti Nga, Bongga Ka Day, Rock Baby Rock and Awitin Mo At Isasayaw Ko. Despite the security, she was able to come closer to the audience and the ice rink became a dance floor.

In addition to her remarkable hits, her surprising sense of humor gave colorful life to the show. Her funny spiels and tens of punch lines delighted the crowd so much. Her take on age and how behind the technology was during her prime amused the audience. And oh, we'd definitely love to see her do the 'Kris Aquino' darna once again.

She shared how overjoyed she was to perform for her kababayans. Her charming and ageless personality on stage gave warmth to the audience who mostly are (literally) seated above a carpeted ice rink.

The energy was unbelievable. The mood only toned down little solemn when Jamie sang The Jubilee Song and Only Selfless Love. Then followed by an emotional Heal Our Land.  Graphics of the earthquake and wrath of typhoon Yolanda on screen left many in the audience teary-eyed.

Before her last piece, she announced that a significant part of the proceeds will go to relief efforts for the victims and survivors of the calamities. She cracked a joke about how her songs became less frequent on radio, and ended the night with a beautiful rendition of Tanging Yaman.

Indeed, content is king. It wasn't the stage, not the venue, not the props. It's what the performers have given the audience. Striker Events did a great job! Thank you for ushering 2014 with world class artists.

Thanks Jamie and Jeffrey for being so kind and very accommodating. Thank you Striker Events! More blessings!

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