14 Odd Predictions in 2014 in Dubai

Dubai ushers 2014 with great expectations, as usual. With 7 years to go before the Expo 2020, everything seems nowhere to go but up, literally up.  :-)

This time, let's run through 14 random odd predictions this year, just for pun, fun.

1. More world records to break, including Most number of attempts to break world records.

2. Dubai map could have tens of version this year. With the impending constructions and detours, expect changes in routes 77 times 7 times.

3. Ikea hotdog could increase from AED5 to AED6 because many customers are still not cleaning up their own mess.

4. Absence of humor. Satirical news websites could get a reprimand. No one would dare to share comic videos about life in Dubai on social media.

5. Kabayanism. Tagalog will be the most dominant foreign language outside English and other Arabic, beating Hindi.  Many cabbies are now tuning in to TAG 91.1, the '2013 best FM station in Dubai.'  Soon more Pinoy radio stations will follow suit.

6. Wifi could officially be declared as basic necessity.

7. Exodus. Massive shifting from Dubai to Sharjah and Ajman is seen due to the ridiculous rise in rents.  And traffic will ridiculously be record-breaking as well.

8. Sumthin' Fishy. Food racism will rise as more landlords and buildings will not prefer Filipino tenants because of their 'smelly food.'  Loud karaoke is more acceptable.

Photo from Dailymail
9. Free car shows. Soon university car parks could be a tourist attraction.

10. The show must go on. There will still be Sandance... possibly at a pub near you, or coffee shop.

11. Drivers Rain Party. The number one cause of accidents and traffic violations during winter could be drivers taking pictures of rain, pushing it to be trending on Twitter and Instagram.

12. Backwards. 'Cash-on-delivery' options for online shopping will rise. Uh-oh!

13. Scantily clad models on magazines to rise. And so it begins with Ahlan.

14. Customer service crash courses will rise. A need for this could finally be recognized.

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