Teen Saint Pedro, The Musical Inspires UAE Catholics

No martyr ever dies in vain. These are the words attributed to the teen saint who demonstrated a strong faith and purity of heart at his young age.

It was a very inspiring day for thousands of Catholics who flocked to St. Anthony de Padua church in Ras Al Khaimah as they discovered the faithful ways of the teen Pedro Calungsod that lead to becoming the 2nd Filipino saint.

45 casts and crew flew from Manila to stage this act and create awareness about Pedro Calungsod's faithful legacy. Other casts were picked from KFC, SFC and YFC UAE.

The crowd was treated to a classic musical entertainment lead by former child-actor and singer Makisig Morales. Everyone delivered very beautiful performances. The band was superb and the technical aspect was carried out very well. The message was conveyed very clearly. In fact, even children watched attentively and were moved by the scenes.

Pedro is a sacristan from Cebu, Philippines who wants to become a missionary. He has to sacrifice leaving his mother to migrate with Spanish Jesuit missionary, Fr. Diego Luis de San Vitores to Guam.  In Guam, Pedro preached Christianity and taught the Chamorro people how to pray. They did bible studies, introduced baptism to infants, children and adults even with the strong opposition from the Chamorro leader, risking of being killed by the tribe. Through Pedro and Fr. Diego's efforts, many natives have converted to Catholicism.

Giving comic relief to the musical is the character of Cho Ko, a Chinese trader who was shipwrecked in the island. He preaches about superstition and magic potions. He envies the attention that Pedro and Fr. Diego are receiving from many Chamorro people. He began spreading rumors that the water used by missionaries in baptism was poisonous. The leader and the macanjas (medicine men) and the urritaos (young males) believed his story as many infants eventually died after baptism.

The Chamorros then began to persecute the missionaries.  Pedro was hit by a spear and died. Fr. Diego  could not do anything but to raise a crucifix and give Pedro the final sacramental absolution.

Producer Bob Serrano thanked the audience for travelling hundred kilometers to witness how God has worked and molded one teen Pedro Calungsod to be an example of faith and obedience.  Fr. Tom of St. Mary's Parish Dubai thanked back the whole delegation.

Yes, thank you for bringing this act here. The willingness of many in the production team to pay for their own travel expenses is beyond amazing.  May you be blessed and continue to empower more young people.  May the future see another Pedro Calungsod or two, or three...

"Ang galing!" is what many people in the audience say at the end of the show.  The musical indeed creates awareness and inspiration. Just what many of us needs to be reminded of today. Now, can we be like Pedro Calungsod?

Photos from Teen Saint Pedro The Musical Facebook Page

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