Christmas is on-air in Dubai

Something strange is making many Filipinos in the UAE emotional these days.

Christmas trees, lanterns, Simbang Gabi, they're all here in the country long time. But I can't remember the last time I heard Filipino Christmas songs play intermittently in the UAE airwaves - probably back during 'The Filipino Rhythm' days in Dubai Eye.

The usually witty and animated guys at TAG 91.1 make many OFWs teary-eyed early in this festive season. Many popular Christmas tunes are mostly upbeat, vibrant and lively - that's why they are called jingles. But the Filipinos emotional attachment to the season paved its way to creation of many Christmas love songs. Because it is innate to us that every Yuletide is somewhat a season of reunion, these sentimental songs on the radio reminds us how we are badly missing to spend the holidays with our beloved family and friends back home.  Actually, it rubs it in. ;-)

If your kids are in the Philippines and you could not spend the holidays with them, how will you not break down when you hear the very genuine "Daddy Sana Kapiling Ka Ngayong Pasko..."

Miss Kita Kung Christmas, Pasko Na Sinta Ko and Sana Ngayong Pasko reminds of a long-separated loved one that is uncertain when they'll spend Christmas together again. Sa Araw ng Pasko tells of families missing to spend Christmas with their loved OFW relatives. And the amusing, Christmas Bonus tells us how we used to receive this extra pay while working in the Philippines.

These songs will surely catch you off-guard.

Thanks for adding more Christmas feel.

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