Successful cause-oriented dinner for Bohol, but...

The dinner for a cause that aims to raise funds to aid the victims of Bohol earthquake got an astounding response of 642 donors. It was a standing room. Rocky's Cafe was able to gather a total of AED 32,100 (about Php 377,000) which was donated to ABSCBN's Sagip Kapamilya at the closing of the event. Thanks to Consul General Frank Cimafranca for initiating this.

Many didn't bother to dine at all, they just gave their AED 50 and left. Truly, at times like this we become one in spirit, the bayanihan in us comes out naturally.

Dinner for a... chaos?
But... It is painful to see the absence of etiquette of many. The dinner opens, a huge chunk of diners swarmed the buffet and the first serving of food is gone in 60 seconds. Some plates are overfilling with food like there's no tomorrow. Starters, mains, gone quickly. There was a crowd buildup. "Di mahulugang karayom."  Only a few cared to queue. Many didn't.

I spent half hour to have some on my plate. Other more patient diners spent 30-45 minutes to just have enough on theirs. Some came as family with kids to feed. But they don't care. I remembered, we were in this event because we care for the earthquake victims.

What's frustrating is, some plates are left half-emptied on the tables. They don't care.

Do we really care?

I know I shouldn't be telling this and just understand that it is a dinner for a cause - a charity event, but this doesn't validate an excuse for us to lose our manners.

Do we really really care?

Next time we go to a charity dinner, make sure we have eaten some snacks at least before going, okay.

Or better, next time please let's mind to care and care to mind the cause why we're there.

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