How LinkedIn Linked Me to a Job

Back in January 2010, somebody from the e-Commerce department of The Emirates Group contacted me on my LinkedIn for an e-Commerce designer role at the company. Everything on the screening stage went so well. I got 'hired.'  In fact, to my excitement, I severely injured my toe as I jumped with joy upon learning the good news. I did all of the required protocols, document authentications, police clearance, etc. I signed the contract.  Come a week before I'm supposed to start my work, I got a call saying that I won't be able to join Emirates anymore. The reason: Emirates was 'apparently' cutting employment that time. I haven't started, yet, I was already redundant. They said it was a senior-executive-level decision. Hurts much. I paid for those document processes by myself. And how about my toe injury?

Second chance
Three months later, I received an invitation via LinkedIn again. This time from the manager of the UI Design Team of Emirates IT, inviting me to meet for a possible job as Senior UI Designer.  The meeting went really well. But they never got back to me for awhile.

Another great offer came from a startup web design company. Thinking that Emirates won't get back anymore, I grabbed the opportunity and signed a deal. Two months later, I got a call saying Emirates IT wants to hire me and I just had undergo the formal hiring process. With all due respect and honor to my newly signed contract commitment, I declined with a really heavy heart. It was puzzling why I declined.

Third time's a charm
Fast forward 11 months later, I received a message in LinkedIn from the same IT manager taking chance if I'd like another shot at an opportunity with his team in Emirates.  I met with him, he introduced me to the department manager, and everything went well.  I got the offer - close to my expectation.  Haunted by my past experiences, I was a bit reluctant that time. I was already having a great experience with the small startup company. I love what I was doing. What if, in the latter part, it will go off again? This was what's boggling me. But in the end, I still accepted the offer and resigned from my job.

Exactly today marks my 2nd year in Emirates. I'm working as a Senior UI / UX Designer consultant for web and mobile apps. What a way to get in... It's a bit challenging in the beginning, but I have welcomed the challenges - it continue to help bring out the best in me.

Many employers are using LinkedIn as a valuable tool to find resource. So make the most of your LinkedIn account. Enhance your visibility, here are just few things I did with my account and could help you get started:
  1. Make your profile marketable. Add the best possible keywords matching your expertise or the job you want
  2. Showcase your works. Add links to your portfolios
  3. Make sure your CV is updated
  4. Get recommended, and recommend others as well
  5. Get endorsed.
  6. Join discussions and actively participate in professional groups
LinkedIn may, well, be the less exciting social network out there but it can be your best tool towards your desired job, a career perhaps.

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