Santacruzan Festivities in Sharjah, UAE

Reyna Emperatriz, another representation of Reyna Helena as mother of the emperor is portrayed by CFC's Jennifer Ann Nepomuceno.  Constantino is portrayed by Joshua Nielson Borbe
Flowers. Festivities. Beauties. It was a fashionable ending for the month of May as the family watched a Santacruzan in the UAE for the very first time at St. Michael's Parish in Sharjah.

Santacruzan is the final part of Flores de Mayo, in fact it is the highlight of the month-long festival wherein a pageant-like procession is held and participated by marians and reynas (queens) depicting various images and likes of the Blessed Mother.  The tradition is done in commemoration of Reyna Elena and his son, Constantino's finding of the true Holy Cross in Jerusalem.

Kudos to the organizers who did a pretty great job given all the limitations that have to be considered. Being in an Islamic nation, the procession cannot go outside the church vicinity. So even under the scorching heat and humidity, the beautiful reynas passionately marched around the church and paraded gracefully to the isle towards the altar while the choir renders a solemn hymn.  Lots of kids also participated, danced and played the roles of angels.

Reyna Elena
After the Santacruzan and the mass, there was a joyful celebration of thanksgiving  as the priest and the elders throw away goodies and sweets for the kids. There was also the traditional pabitin wherein kids try to jump as high as possible to grab the hanging coveted novelty prizes.

My family and friends enjoyed it.  Even if we're far from home, we still enjoy these traditions.  I'm happy that the kids get to experience these things. Though there are limitations we need to abide, there can always be ways to enjoy and to celebrate being a Filipino.  Very well done to the organizers!

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