17 Reasons Why You Should Join LSE17 (Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship Program)

In addition to my experience with the pilot LSE program, I'd like to share with you 17 random reasons why you should join the next Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship (LSE17) program, and eventually become a social entrepreneur in the near future:
  1. You don't want to be an employee forever
  2. You want to bring out the leader in you and to develop your leadership skills
  3. You want to learn how to better manage your personal finances
  4. You want to connect with people who has the same mindset,  principles and goals
  5. You have business ideas yet you're not sure how to transform them into reality
  6. You want to meet people who will support your ideas and even help build those ideas
  7. You want to be innovative and unique unlike most of the traditional businesses
  8. You want to discover and unleash your hidden potentials, and become a well-rounded person
  9. You want to be involved in an advocacy that reaches out to people
  10. You want to learn various ways to invest your money
  11. You want to raise your kids with entrepreneurial thinking
  12. You want to be inspired by the successes of pioneer Filipino social entrepreneurs, and through the great lineup of speakers and lecturers - most from the Ateneo School of Government
  13. You want to involve your family back home and provide them some ideas to start up with
  14. You want to learn how and where to source support for your social business plan
  15. You want to prepare yourself for the challenges that you may face when you jump into social entrepreneurship
  16. You want to understand the ups and downs of being a social entrepreneur
  17. You want to contribute in creating positive social changes in the community by providing solutions to social problems
If you can associate most of the items in the list to you, then  LSE is for you. To join the program, please read the details below:

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