Too Much Jaywalking My Friend!

Photo by Emirates 24/7
This morning in Deira, a police officer (yes, in uniform) was running from the opposite side of the road, calling the attention of 2 guys who have just crossed the same road.  The men, who crossed the traffic-free road, stopped to their surprise.  Apparently they were fined for jaywalking. There seems something not right in what happened. If the officer aims to prevent accidents, he should have stopped the guys from crossing, and not watched them do it and chase them later on.

So guys beware. As much as possible cross only on designated pedestrian crossings, and only when the right signal light is on. Even when there's no vehicles passing by, do not cross til the pedestrian signal light turns green. A friend was fined also for crossing a pedestrian lane but with red light on.  Sometimes, police officers  on duty are wearing civilian clothes. They are really on the "hunt." In 2012, there were about 45,000 cases of jaywalking listed by Dubai Police. "Too much jaywalking my friend!"

Just be patient and wait. I know we always prefer shortcuts than to walk longer paths, especially during noontime or during summer. But it's always better than paying minimum of AED200 fine and a police record.  After all, it's for your safety.

Here's to looking forward for more ped xing and footbridges in Dubai.

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