How to drive in Dubai Fog?

Good foggy morning anew! Foggy mornings are among the scariest conditions to drive here in Dubai. It could really reduce to zero visibility at most. So be aware of the local weather conditions especially during winter season.  Here are some tips on how to drive safely during fog:

  1. Use fog lights or low beam lights. 
  2. Never use hazard lights when you are moving. It confuses other motorists if you are switching lanes left or right or not actually.
  3. Give more distance. Increase your count to 5 seconds instead of the usual 2 seconds from the car in front of you. Be patient not to rush to get out of the fog. 
  4. Adjust the defroster and wiper speed. Be extra cautious. The windshield might catch moist too quickly making it lesser visible. 
  5. Don't drift. Stay on your lane. It's too risky without a clear visibility of the other lanes.
  6. Pull over to the side of the road in zero visibility. In case of really low to zero visibility, and the fog is really thick, pull over to the side of the road, stop and wait.  Turn on the hazard lights so others would be alerted that you are parked on the side.
  7. Use the right of the road as a guide. This could help you avoid counter-flowing the incoming traffic or being blinded by the headlights.
  8. Beware of camels or donkeys especially in the remote roads like Dubai Bypass Road or Emirates Road towards Ras Al Khaimah where camels and donkeys stroll freely on the streets.
When driving in fog it's just either you slow down or stop and don't drive at all.  Safety starts with ourselves. Let's keep the highways extra safe for all of us.

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