Tryvertising: Shop for free at Sample Central in exchange of your feedback

Photo from Sample Central Facebook Page
Now you can shop without spending a single penny, not a single fil, and not even swiping your credit cards. At Sample Central, all you have to do is give your feedback on the items you pick. About 5-10 minutes of your time to get the items free, not really bad at all!

Sample Central, bannering the region's first "tryvertising" concept has just launched their retail store at Dubai Festival City.

Tryvertising is a non-traditional concept that means try-before-you-buy. This marketing practice involves companies/brands giving free products for consumers willing to sample and give their honest opinion about their experience in using the products. At Sample Central, members can take the products home, as long as they fill out a short survey/questionnaire about the selected product. This helps brands, marketers and manufacturers to revitalise established products and improve or fine-tune new launches for the mass market.

So how does Sample Central works?

  1. Register at the Sample Central website. You have to as much as possible complete your profile and manage your preference categories to proceed further.
  2. Visit the store at Dubai Festival City and pay the annual membership fee of AED 100
  3. Schedule your visit to the store
  4. Visit the store; pick the products you want to experience
  5. Pay with your opinion. Complete the online surveys for the products you had used
The more feedback you give, the more points you gain. More points will help you move up tiers (bronze, silver and gold) and engage with more and bigger products.

Currently, products in the store include fitness equipment, electrical goods, food and grooming products and more.

Sample Central was launched in Japan in 2007 and is now found in over 20 countries including in Europe, Asia and South America.

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