Thanks to the Good Samaritans in Sharjah Who Rushed My Baby to the Hospital

It was a high-tension, terrifying night when our 4-month baby had a blue spell and almost fainted completely. We rushed down from 15th floor in a very slooow lift, and run across the road to the nearest Prime Medical Centre in Al Qasimia, Sharjah. I was stomping and banging the doors and the tables but no response. Apparently they're already closed at 9:15pm. What a medical centre!

With a growing panic, we decided to head to Zulekha Hospital. I have to run back to the parking lot to pull out the car. Good thing, our friend May was with my wife. They decided to wait for a cab to in case I could not pull out from parking easily.  Poor me, somebody blocked my way out in the parking lot, but he has just left his car, so he still was able to move back.

I drove really fast to get through them in no time, but they're gone.

Taxis were not much that time. A random South Asian family who just came out from Prime noticed that they were panicking. Without hesitations, they offered to take them to Zulekha, even if they don't know much the way.

I was driving alone and just imagine the worries I had at that moment. There's a loooot of traffic stops in Sharjah - I don't know what's happening to my baby at that moment. I'm panicking but I wanted to stay calm so not to catch an accident.

I made it to the hospital about 10 minutes after the wife and the baby reached there. The doctors were already giving her first aid - oxygen and all that. Baby Aya was shaking but she's slowly getting back to consciousness.

Huge, huge, huge thanks to the family who escorted my wife to rush them to Zulekha. You don't know how much help you have given us. We wish we knew your names, even just your names, to thank you. I wish this reaches you on Twitter, Facebook or whatever to at least let you know how much relief you have given us.  Thank you very much to you for lending your precious time, your kind hearts and your generosity as you drove rushing to the hospital like we are a family. May you be blessed.

Our baby was admitted for 2 days at the hospital, done some tests, and all are okay now. Doctors suspect it was a choking case wherein phlegm in her chest developed and almost blocked her breathing. What happened in Zulekha is another story. She's far from danger now. Thanks to you again, good samaritans in Sharjah.

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