Windows 8 will be launched in Dubai, along with 6 other cities

I've had a preview of how Windows 8 works in a Samsung Slate PC. I've been learning Windows 8 applications design for the past month already, and I must say I'm much hooked in this tile-inspired Metro User Interface. New versions of a few of our applications will now be done in Windows 8.  The metro may look simple but that's where the challenge is - to create a simple yet meaningful and useful apps.

I'm happy to know that Dubai is one of the cities chosen by Microsoft to launch Windows 8 on October 26. They will be launching it both for the PC and the tablet. According to Gulfnews, "Microsoft is also showcasing Windows 8 applications to launch in the Windows Store, including applications for Dubai International Airport, Sharaf DG, Shop and Ship, Jumeirah Restaurants, Aramex, Gulf News, Dubai Cinemas, Dewa and Time Out Dubai," among others. They are targetting to have at least 80 corporate applications done by the launch date.


Any customer who buys, or has already bought, a Windows 7 PC between June 2 and the end of January 2013 will be able to get an upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $14.99 (Dh55.05) — a move designed to prevent a drop-off in PC sales before the launch of Windows 8.

According to independent web analytics firm StatCounter, Windows 7 had a market share of 52.2 per cent globally as of September, followed by Windows XP with 27.64 per cent, Windows Vista with 7.58 per cent and Mac OS X with 7.48 per cent.

In the UAE, Windows 7 had a market share of 59.28 per cent as of September, followed by Windows XP with 22.66 per cent, Windows Vista with 6.45 per cent and Mac OS X with 5.59 per cent.

Microsoft is also expected to launch Windows 8 phone in the UAE sometime between end of this month til November.

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