Why we should leave office on time?

Saw this graphic virally spreading on Facebook. Couldn't agree more.
It's always been one of my principles to go to work on time and leave on time; or at least work efficiently within the schedule.  Staying at office desks beyond 8 or 8.5 hours doesn't always mean that we are hard working. Maybe, we can't efficiently utilize the working hours to do all the day's work.  Beating deadlines though is another story - but we won't need to cram til the last minutes if we have a smarter working scheme to be productive at work.

A smart worker is the one who's able to deliver what is expected of him within the schedule - and be able to leave on time. A smart worker is output-oriented actually.  A smart worker realizes the 7 things listed in the graphic above, reaping its rewards.

But never ever compromise. Don't disregard your work. Embrace it, value it, respect it. Leave on time if, and only if you can really cross-out items in your to-do list in a day.

Employers Must Realize...
The former CEO of Coca-cola, Bryan Dyson also said, "Work efficiently during office hours and leave on time. Give the required time to your family, friends and have proper rest."

This is what I want every employer to look at. They should encourage employees to observe the working time frame efficiently, and discourage working on extended hours. Employers need to feel that their staff are humans - they have family and friends and life outside of work too. Employers must take these 2 things into consideration:
  1. If employees develop conflicts within their relationships because of working time issues, they'd be disturbed at work. 
  2. Severe working on extended hours might cause some minor to major health disorders to some. If employees feel bad, they lose proper concentration. they'll need medical attention and they'll probably skip some days of work.
Value Our Lives
If we all neglect our precious time for family, friends and our significant relationships in general, work will also be affected.  Focus and productivity definitely suffers; and it has a domino effect.

We work, we do good at work because we are inspired by our loved ones. Let's just give them the due time and attention they deserve from us. Get a life.

Read back the 7 meaningful items listed above. They're a win-win for both your work and your life outside work.

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