Tandushi Indo-Japanese Restaurant, Dubai - Review

Photo from Cobone
As fans of Asian cuisine, Japanese and Thai most especially, we bought tens of vouchers for a great buffet deal in Cobone - "a scrumptious Oriental Dinner Buffet with Unlimited Sushi, Soups, Desserts, the Chef's Special Salads and a drink at Tandoushi for AED39 (Value AED80) - Includes Pool Access" - thinking of bringing the family and friends along. The deal attracted 3010 buyers.

Sushi is the first thing I looked for. There's plenty of maki (there's no super california) and a salmon nigiri, but they come in tinier bits than the usual. That's ok, it's a buffet anyway.

Other than sushi, the mains consist of Chinese - Chicken Szechuan, Breaded Fish, Beef in Pepper, Tofu, Hakka Noodles, Egg Fried Rice among others. Not too bad. All's palatable if you have an Asian tongue. Sorry for spice-lovers, they might not enjoy the cuisine at all. I was expecting though that there are soups as what's said on the deal. I was expecting miso or tom yum, but all they have is corn soup.

We had to settle for fruits for dessert as the pudding and cinnamon cake doesn't really satisfy the sweet tooth.

Generally, food was not bad though I must say a lot of Japanese were missing that night. It's more of an "Indo" than Japanese. Service was great and polite. Our group was so much into the company of each and everyone though, so as long as we can eat what's on our plate, it's fine. I give it a 7 out of 10

Lesson: What's on the deal, what's on the photo is not always what's on the actual.

Oh yeah, we used the pool. It's quite small for a hotel - just a villa-sized pool. 20's a crowd already for it.

Photo from Lotus Hospitality

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