How to Begin the Week Right

report says "Most of us find the start of the week so demoralising that we can't even bear to crack a smile until 11.16am."

11:16am? Whether you love your job or not, this first weekday struggle happens to most of us. Weekend feels absolutely too short. We can't just let go of being in a relaxed mode with our family, or friends.  It's really normal to feel sad and lazy to go back to work routine.

But, would you rather keep this trend than start the week right and and set a good mood for the entire work week?

Let me share how I combat that feeling. Here are other tips. Easier said than done, I know. It's really challenging, but hey, it's just a matter of mindset. Talk and listen to yourself.  Try these, nothing to lose anyway:
  1. Enjoy the whole of weekend. Do not make it a habit to feel bad when Saturday evening sets in, thinking it's gonna be work week again the next day.  The more you think about it, the worse it becomes.  Maximize the remaining hours of the weekend with your loved ones.
  2. Give yourself ample time in the morning. Set your alarm about 1 hour (and snooze) before you actually want to wake up. Give yourself an hour or more allowance before you leave. Start early.  Have a hearty breakfast.  Don't cram. Don't stress, you're not in the office yet.
  3. Listen to Music Instead of News. I know some of us would rather listen to news on the radio, waiting for traffic advisories.You would probably know that traffic is always jammed on mornings so why still care? Listen to feel good music instead - or upbeat ones if you prefer. It will help set the tone of your mind going to work.
  4. Invite positive energy. Eliminate the sighs that it's workweek again. While driving, or at least upon getting off your car, before you enter that building, look up and tell yourself, "it will be a good day, a productive week." Smile!
  5. Greet. Greet everyone a good morning. Ask them about their weekend. 
  6. Bonding. Break the ice. Invite a colleague or 2 for a coffee. You will get back quickly to your 'office mood' after the sip.
  7. Plan your week. Making a realistic week plan. This is the best time to take control of the things you need to work on to, and not the other way around.
There are surely more ways to reverse the "first weekday blues".  Those 5 had been so effective for me, though it took me ages to really get them working. I simply wouldn't want the first day to ruin the rest of the week and swallow me... At least Sunday happens only once a week. 

Have a great week ahead everyone!

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