Taiyaki in Dubai (From ShareTea)

Photo from ShareTea Facebook
Somethin' fishy is ain't fishy but sweet! A new yummy-ness just hit Dubai. Taiyaki, a Japanese native, is a fish-shaped cake filled with custard or any other sweet fillings (like red azuki bean paste, chocolate, nutella, peanut butter, fruit jams, or cheese).

I had a bite yesterday and love it. It is comparable to waffles but has a bit thicker batter, has a right kind of crunch (when hot) and the filling is not overly sweet. It's so good that I had not wait to take a picture of it before it's gone (so I borrowed the photo above). Unlike hamburgers, Taiyaki looks exactly how it is in the menu poster.  It is available at ShareTea in Deira City Centre Metro Station. It costs AED10 each cake.

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