Philips Avent Breastfeeding and Child Nutrition Conference

Being into a lot of research lately, my wife who is due to give birth next month is attending the Philips Avent Breastfeeding and Child Nutrition Conference in Dubai. It's happening on 30th May at Habtoor Grand Hotel Dubai. This event is happening first at Abu Dhabi on 28th May at Beach Rotana Hotel.

Being mom and dad for the first time, it is essential for us to learn more about giving the right nutrition to our baby. It is better to understand their real needs first.  We expect that all our questions particularly about breastfeeding will be answered in this conference.  We hope to hear a lot of great ideas especially our favorite and preferred baby products brand, Avent, is headlining this one. (In fact, most in our wishlist for our Baby Sofia are Avent :-) )

According to the event website, The event will be split into two sessions: the first is for mothers or expecting mums the second for healthcare professionals.

"During the morning session, mums and mums-to-be will be able to make the most of their motherhood by participating in breastfeeding and weaning educational classes."

"These classes will be run by a midwife educator and experts in the fields of Paediatrics, Infantology and nutrition, and will help mothers to overcome any challenges or fears they may have with regards to breastfeeding and weaning."

"The afternoon session is aimed at Healthcare Professionals and will give a deeper insight into the latest research on the long term benefits of breastfeeding, the latest vaccine technology and the link between fever and nutrition."

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