Chatime Now in UAE; Surprised It's in Sharjah

Yesterday we're surprised to see our favorite bubble tea, Chatime in Mega Mall, Sharjah. In a blink of an eye my wife's already in the counter :-) asking for her favorite Taro Pudding Milk Tea.

It's the same great taste and aroma.  It's not too sweet (as we requested) and the pudding is perfect! I never thought it would be good with red beans but wife insisted.. It was great! Can't wait to go back and try those I haven't tried yet in the Philippines. They have an amazingly wide range of fresh tea, milk tea, fruit tea, mousse, juice, smoothies, etc; and more enjoyable with their chewy toppings like tapioca pearls, grass jelly, aloe vera, coconut jelly, rainbow jelly, coffee jelly, read beans or pudding.

The smallest cup, 12oz costs from AED, medium 16oz from AED14 and the largest 22oz starts from AED16.  Extra toppings are available for additional AED3 each.

The size of the outlet is a bit off though. It's a very small kiosk and only has a table in front and few seats at the rear.  Looks like they aren't looking ahead to volumes of patrons?

They've just opened 2 weeks back.  The kiosk is located at 2nd floor, opposite Okaidi. Now it's one reason to visit Mega Mall more often.

While bubble tea is quickly (oops sorry for the term) peaking in this region, I hope Chatime can get a good share of the market. I hope they succeed in introducing milk tea as a healthier alternative to frap and all that. The franchise is looking ahead to opening its first outlet in Dubai. When? Still uncertain. They also plan to open in Kuwait and Oman.

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Added (May 18th): We came back today and tried the pearly Taro Milk Tea and Japanese Sakura Sencha iced. Sencha's nice - it is a typical Japanese green tea with a mild flavor of Sakura cherry flower.

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